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Welcome to Indomedia Warna. We are a company that established since 2000 engaged in industrial ACRYLIC, DISPLAY SYSTEM, MERCHANDISE, Neon Box Aklirik, CALENDAR 2021, BANNER. We were in Medokan Asri Timur IX no 3 Surabaya. Discover the variety of our best products (Digital Printing, Cetak Offset, Cetak Duratrans, Cetak Sticker Vinyl, Cetak Kartu Nama) with quality and the best price you can get.

                                                                            Digital Printing Surabaya 24 Hours Offset Printing
Digital Printing Surabaya
Digital Printing Surabaya is a modern production method that produces prints from electronic files. This involves your artwork being made on a computer and then printed directly into the material of your choice. Indomedia Color as one of Surabaya Digital Printing Companies is an alternative to traditional methods such as lithography, flexography, gravure, letter press, etc. - this eliminates many of the mechanical steps needed for conventional printing, such as making films and color proofing, manually separating pieces pieces, and make a plate.

With the Digital Printing method, images are sent directly to the printer using digital files in PDF, TIFF, PSD or other formats. Digital Printing Surabaya is best used for items that require high detail and small orders. Unlike conventional printing, there are no pre-press stages between digital document files and the final product; no need for messy formatting equipment such as film plates or photo chemicals.

Why does it have to Offset Printing Surabaya in Indomedia Color?
Digital Printing Surabaya is a new paradigm for the industry. This provides more choice, features and flexibility than the old method. Today, we hope that printed materials are accurate and up to date - clients need printers to be able to produce effective, high-quality, short-term color printing in the quickest time possible. However, it isn't always easy to decide which process best suits your work, so before you choose how to print your design, there are a few things you should consider using Digital Printing Surabaya. Indomedia Color is cheap Surabaya printing which has cheap Surabaya printing services.

What are the benefits of surabaya digital printing?
Digital Printing Surabaya has benefits including:
High Quality: Digital Printing offers impressive quality and consistency compared to other options. The colors look perfect on prints and there are no problems with rough lines. With Digital Printing, the quality of the last card, brochure, or leaflet in one batch is the same as the quality of the first.

Timeliness: There are a few steps in the printing process, and as a result, the final product can be sent faster.
Cost Savings: Because printing plates are not needed, there is little investment needed to prepare a single job.
Short Runs: Digital printing is the ideal method for producing short to moderate prints compared to traditional methods.
Customization: Digital printing provides the most affordable solution for customizing marketing materials, direct mail and postal letters, business cards, and more.

                                                                             Surabaya Offset Printing 24 hours
Quality Surabaya Offset Printing
Surabaya Offset Printing uses plates, usually made of aluminum, which are used to transfer images to a rubber "blanket", and then roll the image onto a sheet of paper. Called offset because ink is not transferred directly to paper. Indomedia Color is a 24-hour Surabaya Printing, the best choice when larger quantities are needed, and provides accurate color reproduction, and printing that looks clean and professional.
Advantages of Buying at Indomediawarna Offset Printing
Surabaya Offset Printing 24 hours gives you the advantages including:
Large quantities can be printed cost-effectively
The more you print, the cheaper the price per piece
Various types of paper with a finishing touch can be used
Special special inks such as metallic colors and Pantone are available
Print quality is as high as possible, with greater detail and color fidelity

Complete Surabaya Offset Printing
As Offset Printing Surabaya, we have been around to print everything commercial: newspapers, magazines, booklets, advertisements, postcards, brochures, and more.
Printing Surabaya 24 hours Indomedia Color serves all kinds of printing services such as Brochure Printing Services, calendars, banners, billboards, etc. Our workshop has the advantage of being able to print lightning, lightning work process, open 7 days a week at 08.00 in the morning until 03.00 in the morning. Holidays remain open. So if you are looking for Surabaya 24 hour offset and Digital Printing services, please contact us.



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