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Print Banner Outdoor
Print Banner Outdoor
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Specification of Print Banner Outdoor

Print Banner Banners for Indoor and Outdoor using Chinese Frontlite material. Chinese Frontlite or also called Chinese Flexion or Frontlite Flexion are materials commonly used as outdoor printing media. In general, frontlite materials are not easily torn and can only be printed on one side only. Widely used in digital printing for banners, billboards, billboards, tree banners, t-banners, x banners, y banners and banner rollers.There are several types of FRONTLITE based on their texture and grammar:1. FRONTLITE CHINESECHINESE FRONTLITE or commonly called CHINA FLEXION is the most widely used. Generally the CHINESE FLEXION CHARTS used range from 240 gr, 260 gr, 280 gr, 290 gr, 300 gr, 340 gr, 400 gr with a glossy surface2. FRONTLITE KOREAKOREA FRONLITE or KOREA FLEXION has a smoother surface than CHINESE FLEXION. KOREAN FLEXION FIBER FABRICS are smoother than CHINESE FLEXION. KOREAN FLEXION is glossy and matte. KOREAN FLEXION commonly used has a gram of 380 gr and 440 gr3. FRONTLITE GERMANY or GERMANY FLEXION is the thickest, most delicate and most expensive Flexion material. This premium flexion material is usually used for printing displays in the room, X Banner and Roll Banner. The smooth texture of the material provides maximum printing resultsINDO MEDIA COLOR OPEN START HOURS 08.00 MORNING - 03.00 DINIHARI, SERVING DELIVERY TO ALL INDONESIA, ONLINE DIGITAL PRINTING AND OFFSET BIG CAPACITYPERMANENT HOLIDAYS OPEN

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