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Screen Printing Pennant

UMBUL-UMBUL AND BENDERA are flags that are mounted lengthwise and used to enliven the event or as a promotional tool to introduce products. UMBUL-UMBUL KAIN can be done by printing and printing.

1. UMBUL-UMBUL AND FLAG with screen printing is the most popular and cheapest method of work. In this screen printing process the image / design is printed on a cloth using a screen and rubber rack.

Screen is the result of the image using the Emulsion method. Photo is taken from the master image, which is made in two ways, namely Screen Printing or Plotting.

Plotting is usually applied to banners with a solid color design. While the Screen Printing Film is applied if the banners are Full Color so the design must be broken into 4 colors into 4 separation images C - M - Y - K. For the work of UMBUL-UMBUL KAIN screen printing there is a minimum order, it cannot print units

The types of fabrics commonly used are TC fabrics, Peles fabrics and Satin fabrics

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